The Inclusion of STEAM Learning will bring about a serious revolution to the Nigerian Education System.We live in the ‘Jet Age’ where our smart kids have to put their zeal and talents into use – this is how we can produce innovators that will create solutions for global problems.

The Vice President of Nigeria (as at the time of this article), Dr. Yemi Osinbajo gave a speech at the University of Lagos about the opportunities and advantages in STEAM learning.

What Is STEAM Learning?


STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts, and Mathematics. STEAM is a project based and problem-solving approach to teaching and learning, which has been proven to facilitate creativity, innovation and value creation in young people and adults alike.

Education in no longer for the sole purpose of acquiring certificates without much evidence of knowledge advancement, and as a result, we offer STEAM Education by partnering with schools, our STEAM online courses, and many other platforms that we have made available to educate both students and teachers about the goldmine called STEAM Learning.

Getting Nigeria Ready for STEAM Learning

Unfortunately, Nigeria has not gotten to the age where we take specializations for broad courses seriously. It is actually very bad, that even at the postgraduate level where one needs to be a master of a field, there still isn’t a specialization that gives one a better perspective or view of the area they are passionate about.

This gives every child a confounded view of the course they end up studying and in the end children go after courses that are considered “professional courses”. For instance, what Nigerian child still wants to become a lecturer? The only time a postgraduate or graduate student gets to specialize is during their thesis, and this is just absurd and not enough.

This is the reason we find Nigerians striving and making it academically in developed countries than in their home country. Another reason is because STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) education in Nigeria is hardly appreciated and productive STEAM learning is expensively a big deal.

The sad truth is, the world is evolving really fast and the technological era the world is tending to is obviously not waiting for anyone. We need to bring up our children to appreciate science and mathematics even more, as well as exposing children to the various ways math and science can be applied to solving problems.

How can we introduce STEAM?

Parents have the biggest role to play, and we am happy that some conventional high schools in Nigeria now have STEAM club activities where STEAM is being taught.

We have partnered with such schools, and the students totally fall in love with the program, as we bring out the problem-solvers and innovators in them!

As a matter of fact, most times we are amazed because of the kind of ideas such children bring while working on some of their projects- the kind of ideas that would have died, if they were not involved in STEAM Learning.

Other parents often think outside the box. During birthday celebrations and their events, they usually invite our team for demonstration. In such parties, the kids get involved in different kinds of projects and get to take their projects home!

Are You Ready?

If you are a parent or a school owner in Lagos or Abuja and you look forward to integrating STEAM Learning into your school’s syllabus, please reach out to us.

Alternatively, parents can get the Online STEAM package for their kids and set them on a journey of innovation and purpose fulfillment.

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