A table fan is an energy-efficient cooling device that offers personalized cooling to the user. It circulates the air in the room, but instead of pushing it down (like a ceiling fan), it moves the air outward. It can be positioned near windows to pull in the fresher air.

This is a project that will show you how to create an electrical device that can be powered by electric current using battery and USB cable. The fan is also a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Materials needed are

• Straw board
• Sugar paper
• Electric motor
• Propeller
• Wire
• USB cable
• Propeller
• 9V battery
• Battery connector
• Skewer
• Switch


• Create a frame for the air cooler using straw board and sugar paper
• Cut a circle in the middle of the frame (front)
• Construct a circuit using electric motor, battery, wires USB cable and switch
• Glue the electric motor to the center of the circle and add propeller
• Glue the battery in the frame
• Create a space for the switch and glue it beside the frame
• you can now power your fan with the battery or by connecting the USB cable to any USB port

You can follow these step to make a table fan which uses USB connection, you can also register for our online classes to watch video on how to make the table fan.

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