What is a basket?

A basket is a light container which often has a handle. it is usually made of thin strips of wood or plastic twisted together and it is used for carrying or storing things.

Paper basket

Paper baskets are useful around the house and make great gifts. They can be made using locally sourced materials you already have. 

Uses of a basket

  1. Storage and transport
  2. For cooking
  3. For processing seeds or grains
  4. Rattles
  5. Fans  
  6. Fish traps
  7. Baskets can be used to hold dirty laundry 
  8. To catch paper waste in the bathroom
  9. Specialized baskets are also used as sieves

Materials needed to make a paper basket

  1. Card board
  2. Straw board
  3. Beads
  4.  Glue
  5. Scissor

You can learn how to make paper basket by watching this video, this will enable you to teach your children how to make their own.

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