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Before you wonder, STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts, and Mathematics. It stands for a new addition to the normal syllabus, which was made necessary because of the advancements in technology. And if your kid has a birthday soon, having a STEAM-themed party for them could give them an experience of a lifetime!

steam-themed party

Many people do not understand the clear difference between STEM and STEAM. They there is a fine line, however, between these two syllabi.

Sincerely and obviously speaking, if we want our kids to be as innovative as their counterparts all over the world, and even stand out, we must introduce them to tasks and activities that will bring out the Innovators inside them. This is exactly where the concept of STEAM comes to play.

A regular birthday party for children will involve a lot of dancing, singing and some competitions, which they will not usually forget in a hurry. We can take advantage of that fact and give them a STEAM-themed party.

We have been invited to so many parties to bring out the STEAM-side in kids, and usually we go there to explain a concept briefly before we allow them handle a hands-on practical that they will go home with.

Do you want us to come for your kids’ next birthday parties, reach out to us.

steam party

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