STEAM Online Courses

The STEAM Club e-learning is an online platform designed to train preschoolers, lower elementary , upper elementary and secondary school students on how to make several projects on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts and Mathematics at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.

Where Does Your Kid Belong?


(Ages 3-5)

Catch them young and help them love science at a tender age.


Lower Elementary
(Ages 6-8)

Develop their creativity through project based learning and give them the opportunity of being problem solvers.

Upper Elementary
(Ages 9-11)

Very active, your kids are in the stage of expanding their knowledge base and you will want to engage them in STEAM education.

children learning STEAM

Secondary School
(Ages 11-16)

Let's help your kids to create innovative problem-solving projects. They will also understand different science concepts.