STEAM Themed Parties For Children


Many caregivers are looking for something that is new and invigorating for their children’s parties. Science party ideas don’t come naturally but we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to ensuring that your party guests get a party that is remembered for a long time. A science party will always stand out from the traditional clown, magicians and disco music that are normally associated with a party. In fact a science party will be engaging as well as educational. From the Science of flight to the science of reactions, flying loo rolls to foam explosions, Rocket launching, Gooey slime to Lightning Bolts this is science at its best.

STEAM party


STEAM Science Themed Party brings you a science party that is truly unique, memorable and guaranteed to make any child a very happy child. Our science parties bring a mixture of exciting, interactive and hands on fun to learning that makes the science party a resounding success every-time. Not only is it massive amounts of fun but your science party goers will learn amazing new things that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. What is even better is that no one leaves empty handed. Our guests will go home with a fabulous science make and take-home gift to treasure. 


With a high energy science show that will bring any room to life as audiences are captivated by the STEAM Scientist using an array of wonderful and captivating science tricks and experiments to help explain the world around us to the children (and parents too of course – in fact we have been told that the parents often enjoy it as much as the children and sometimes more).


Our STEAM Science Themed is interactive, entertaining and truly captured the imagination of all pupils with cries of ‘WOW!’, ‘AMAZING!’ and ‘COOL!’ all morning. The session will mix learning new vocabulary and science ideas with practical application and amazing demonstrations that the children wouldn’t get from an average science lesson. The best bit is every child will get involve, each will have a chance to see, touch and even taste the experiments.


These shows are perfect for so many different types of event, school assemblies, end of the year parties, youth groups, children church, corporate events, library promotions, and so much more. No matter what programme you choose, STEAM Science Themed Party will bring you a show that will be unique, entertaining and will have your audiences reminiscing about their experience for years to come. Our professional science party hosts always turn up and on time (guaranteed) and not only do they turn up, but with a passion and love for what they do, that ensures every science party is a major success.