The STEAM Club

The STEAM Club is an organization established with the aim of building the concept of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Crafts, Mathematics into children in the African marketspace in an informal manner from a tender age. Our classes are interactive sessions where children are encouraged and ignited to become the innovators of tomorrow. Our belief is that through interaction with learnings, concepts, skills, hands-on modeling of real-world devices, processes, which spark imagination and empower creativity, children of all ages can grow far beyond anyone’s expectations.


Ignite a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Crafts and Math


Exposure to real life appliances, tools, device, modern technologies which are pertinent to the world today.


Breed children that will migrate Nigeria from a third world to a first world country.

The STEAM Club Objectives

Problem Solvers

Able to analyze questions and problems, collect and organize data, draw conclusion, and then apply understandings to new and novel situation.

Self Reliance

Able to use initiative to set agendas, and work within time frames.

Logic Thinkers

Able to apply rational and logical thought processes of science, mathematics, and engineering design innovation and invention.


Creatively use science, mathematics and technology concepts and principles by applying them to the engineering design process.


Recognize the needs of the world and creatively design, test and implement solution.


01. Exposure & Interaction

Through exposure and interaction with concepts, processes, skills, hands-on modeling of real-world devices, and modern technologies which are pertinent to the world today, we spark off imagination and empower creativity that children of all ages in the African space can grow far beyond anyone’s expectations.

02. Catch them young

Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves and Practice they say makes perfection, At STEAM club we develop this potentials and help enhance the total understanding of science concept while they are young.

03. Fun learning

Since we have come to the realization that it’s always better having fun while you learn, our courses are built putting an emphasis on enjoying yourself while you learn. By communicating the STEM concepts to students the fun and practical ways we are confident the knowledge & skills acquired in these lessons will stick in their brain which we believe should spark off their imaginations to becoming our innovators and inventors. we communicate the STEM education in a fun and informal way, making STEM education FUN AND ATTRACTIVE to children.

04. Training the trainers

Through our training programmes, graduates are inspired and empowered to go into STEM fields with a fanned passion based on exposure to STEM curriculum, cutting-edge technologies and the latest advances in innovation. Through this opportunities (scheme), our graduates discover their potential in STEM which helps prepare them for success in any modern field that requires high technical literacy, and they get to train others in turn.

05. Using locally sourced materials

Using locally sourced materials that children are familiar with to make hands- on -scientific models replicated in the modern world today.

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