Some people feel STEAM education is not meant for young children but they are absolutely wrong about that. STEAM is better practiced when young as it will be inculcated faster in young children.

In today’s post, we will be discussing about some benefits of STEAM education to young children.

Enables Children think faster

With my experience over time training children in STEAM education, I’ve come to realize that children who have been engaged in STEAM training overtime have the ability to think faster and ahead of their peers.

You will notice that these students sometimes try to predict the next actions of their teachers and this is happening as a function of the STEAM classes they’ve been taking part in.

It makes children dexterous

Being dexterous means being skillful with your hands or being able to use you hands to do awesome things. it is also called fine motor skills .

The fine motor skills also helps in other areas of life which includes academics (writing, drawing, coloring), selfcare (cleaning teeth, brushing hair, using cutlery, tying shoe lace)

It encourages creativity

Creativity is the ability to think and come up with ideas that you can use to create something. It is also the ability to come up with alternatives and possibilities in any given situation. One of the ways to encourage children to be creative is through STEAM education.

It makes them learn faster

Some students are naturally slow when it comes to learning while some students can learn a lot within a short while. The thing is everyone can always get better at what they do even if you are good already. One of the ways to make children learn faster is by engaging them in STEAM education.

It makes learning fun

The best form of edutainment is STEAM education. It is a form of education whereby the children are learning and having fun at the same time. Children definitely like to have fun and that can be beneficial to them if that fun is mixed with education.

It makes them science oriented

Engaging young children in STEAM education will make the interested in science subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and geography.

It also makes it easy for them to adopt new technologies as they are being developed. In general, it makes them love science.

It unlocks hidden abilities

Children usually have some hidden talents that they don’t about but these talents can be discovered when they engage in practical activities such as STEAM education.

The reason why STEAM education is good in this aspect is because it does not only unlock physical talents but it also unlocks the mental abilities.

It improves communication skills

Communication has to do with exchanging messages and this may be through writing, speaking of through any other means.

A lot of emphasis is placed on people being able to communicate effectively. Engaging in STEAM activities helps to increase communication skills in children because they will be required to collaborate with their peers when making projects and also present their research/findings.

Transforms young minds into inventors

Inventors are people who create things and that is what the STEAM education is about. It transforms young mind into creators of devices and items.

Inventors also device new process and methods to make things and that is one of the things STEAM education can help you achieve.

Develops their problem solving skills

There is no way you will participate n STEAM activities and not develop your problem solving skills because you will always have challenges when working on projects and for you to complete those projects you will need to come up with a solution.

It is in moments like this that you are able to develop you problem solving skills. if you are not faced with any challenge, you will not really be able to develop your problem solving skills.


STEAM education is beneficial to young children and they should be allowed to take part in STEAM activities at an early age. You do not need to wait till they get to secondary school before you start engaging them in STEAM education.

Children can start STEAM activities at an early age of 3 years. When they start at a young age like that, they will be able to learn it fast and they get used to it as they grow.

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